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    Hallmark Registration

    The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) introduced a Jewellers Registration Scheme to safeguard customers from adulteration and ensure the purity of jewellery. The Gold Hallmarking Scheme was initiated in 2000, followed by the Silver Hallmarking Scheme in 2005. Under these schemes, BIS Hallmark Registration is mandatory for selling or manufacturing gold/silver jewellery.

    Hallmarking entails accurately determining and officially recording the precious metal content (e.g., gold and silver) in articles. Hallmarks serve as legal marks guaranteeing the purity or fineness of precious metal articles, aligning with international hallmarking criteria. The primary goals of the Hallmarking Scheme are to protect consumers from adulteration and compel manufacturers to uphold legal standards of fineness.

    In India, the Hallmarking Scheme focuses on two metals, gold, and silver. BIS grants Hallmark Registration to jewellers, allowing them to hallmark their jewellery at any BIS-recognized center. 

    Hallmark Registration Certification is importance for businesses

    Hallmark registration is a voluntary certification process that ensures the purity and authenticity of precious metals. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is responsible for granting this certification to jewelry manufacturers and suppliers. The hallmark certification is an assurance of quality to customers and helps manufacturers build trust in their brand.

    There are two types of BIS Hallmarking Registration Certificates in India:

    BIS Registration for Jewellers or Showroom: This registration is mandatory for jewellers intending to manufacture or sell gold and silver jewellery. Under the Hallmarking Scheme, BIS grants Hallmarking Registration to jewellers for specific locations. Each sales outlet of a jeweller must obtain Hallmark Registration from BIS to sell BIS Hallmarked gold jewellery. BIS-certified jewellers can hallmark their jewellery at BIS Assaying & Hallmarking Centres.

    BIS Recognition of Assaying & Hallmarking Centre: A Hallmarking Centre is a BIS certified marking centre or third-party evaluation centre where the purity of precious metals is examined and stamped. BIS recognition is essential for these centres, and they can apply for BIS Recognition to operate as authorized Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) centres.

    In India, individuals or firms falling under the following criteria are not eligible for Hallmark Registration:

    Cancellation of Hallmark Registration:  If a jeweller’s Hallmark Registration is canceled under sub-regulation 1(e) of Regulation 7 of the BIS (Hallmarking) Regulations, 2018, they cannot apply for a Hallmark Registration Certificate for a cooling period of one year from the date of the order.

    Conviction Under the Act: A jeweller convicted under the provisions of the Act is ineligible to apply for Registration for a period of one year from the date of conviction.

    It’s important to note that individuals or firms ineligible for Hallmark Registration but have obtained Registration via online portals are subject to cancellation by BIS.

    Benefits of Hallmark Registration

    There are several benefits of obtaining Hallmark registration:

    1. Assurance of quality: Hallmark certification assures the purity and authenticity of precious metals. Customers can rely on the quality of the products they purchase from a Hallmark certified manufacturer or supplier.
    2. Building trust: Hallmark certification helps build trust among customers, which is essential for the growth of any business.
    3. Legal compliance: Hallmark certification is required to comply with the legal regulations regarding the purity of precious metals.
    4. Competitive advantage: Hallmark certification is a valuable asset for businesses, as it sets them apart from their competitors and enhances their reputation.

    Different marks of a BIS Hallmark

    BIS Mark or Logo: Indicates that an independent assessor has evaluated the decoration and validated the purity of the metal. Typically validated by BIS certified labs, it assures customers of the quality and purity of the gold ornament.

    Purity Grade: Denoted by Karats (KT) or Fineness Number, indicating the purity of gold. For instance, 24KT is the purest form of gold, but it’s too soft for jewellery. Hence, other metals like silver or zinc are added for durability.

    Hallmarking Centre’s Mark: Represents the Hallmarking License of the marking centre or third-party evaluator. Stamped on every product, it ensures ongoing inspection for silver and gold purity.

    Jeweller Mark: The manufacturer’s or jeweller’s mark on the metal article, indicating BIS certification. Each certified jeweller’s decorations bear a unique jeweller BIS Hallmark Logo, visible on the jewellery.

    Marking Year: Shows the year of hallmarking, identified by a letter of code assigned by BIS. For example, A stands for 2000, B for 2001, and so forth.

    The new method introduced by BIS includes a Unique Identification Number along with the BIS Hallmark and metal purity. In 2019, the Indian Government made hallmarking of gold artefacts and jewellery mandatory nationwide.

    Precious articles of gold marked with Hallmark can only be sold by registered jewellers through certified sales outlets, as per the terms of the Hallmark Registration Certificate specified in Regulation 5 of the BIS (Hallmarking) Regulations, 2018. The list of licensed jewellers is accessible by selecting the state or region and IS Number.

    Documents Required

    The following documents are required for Hallmark registration:

    1. Identity proof of the manufacturer or supplier
    2. Proof of ownership or lease agreement of the manufacturing premises
    3. PAN card
    4. GST registration certificate
    5. Manufacturing process flow chart
    6. Quality control procedures
    7. Precious metal samples for testing

    Procedure for Hallmark Registration in India

    Here’s a quick simple steps for hallmark registration in India:

    Step 1: Document Preparation – Gather and organize all necessary documents required for the registration process. We assist you in preparing and arranging these vital documents.

    Step 2: Application Filing – Upon completion of document preparation, we handle the online application filing process on your behalf. Our team ensures accurate submission of the application along with the required documents and prescribed fees.

    Step 3: Inspection – After the application submission, an inspection is conducted by the inspector from the concerned BIS department. This step verifies the compliance of the premises with the hallmarking standards and regulations.

    Step 4: Certificate Issuance – Upon satisfactory inspection results, the inspector issues the Hallmark Registration Certificate. We promptly forward this certificate to you via email, completing the registration process.

    How Corporate Raasta Consulting can help you with the process

    Documentation Preparation: Corporate Raasta Consulting can help businesses gather and organize all necessary documents required for Hallmark Registration, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Application Filing: The company can handle the entire application filing process on behalf of the business, ensuring accurate submission of the application along with the required documents and fees through online channels.

    Compliance Advisory: Corporate Raasta Consulting can offer expert guidance on ensuring compliance with hallmarking standards and regulations, helping businesses understand and fulfill the necessary requirements.

    Inspection Assistance: The company can assist businesses in preparing for the inspection conducted by the concerned authorities, ensuring that the premises meet the required standards for hallmarking.

    Follow-up and Liaison: Corporate Raasta Consulting can follow up with the authorities on behalf of the business, facilitating communication and addressing any queries or concerns that may arise during the registration process.

    Certificate Retrieval: Upon successful completion of the registration process, Corporate Raasta Consulting can ensure prompt retrieval and delivery of the Hallmark Registration Certificate to the business, completing the registration process seamlessly.

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    • Hallmark Registration is the process of obtaining certification from regulatory authorities, confirming the purity and quality of jewellery. It's vital for jewellery businesses to establish credibility and trust among consumers.

    • Jewellers and manufacturers of gold and silver jewellery in India need to obtain Hallmark Registration to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

    • Hallmark Registration provides assurance of purity and quality to customers, enhances the reputation of the business, and ensures compliance with legal requirements.

    • Documents required may include Certificate of Registration, Address Proof, ID Proof of the Signatory, Proof of Annual Turnover, and others as specified by regulatory authorities.

    • The duration varies but generally takes a few weeks to months, depending on factors such as document verification, inspection, and processing time.

    • Eligibility criteria may include compliance with regulatory standards, proper documentation, and adherence to hallmarking guidelines.

    Hallmark Registration