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Frequently Asked Questions

  • GST is Goods & Service Tax the name itself explains that the tax is imposed on goods and services.

  • • Visit the portal and fill with Part- A Form GST REG-01 of GST Registration. • You will get a temporary reference number on your number and OTP verification. • After that need to fill PART-B of Form GST REG-01. • A confirmation will be generated in Form GST REG-02 • In case of any information is pending from your side. It will be required from you by suggesting you in Form GST REG-03. for this, you may be required to visit the office and define or give the documents within 7 working days in Form GST REG-04. • The office may also decline your application if they find any mistakes. You will be up-to-date about this in Form GST REG-05. • At last, a certificate of registration in Finally, a certificate of registration will be allotted to you by the department after verification and approval in Form GST REG-06.

  • A private limited company is a company that is privately held for small businesses. The responsibility of the members of a Private Limited Company is limited to the number of shares respectively held by them and its shares cannot be traded publicly.

  • A trademark is a kind of intellectual property having a recognizable design, word, name, sign, logo, etc. They are seen as the expression which recognises products or services of a particular source from those of others. They are named as service marks.

  • The documents required for IEC Code Registration : • Copy of PAN card firm/company • Copy of property papers (if owned property) • Copy of rent agreement (If rented property) • Landlord NOC • Canceled cheque of firm • Electricity/water bill (business place) • Telephone bill in the same name • Copy of tax returns (in case of proprietorship) • Certificate of incorporation (in case of a company) • Bank statement of firm/Company • AOA and MOA (In case of a company) • 1 letterhead of the company (in case of a company)

  • Steps to get a trademark registered are as follows : • Step 1: Trademark Search • Step 2: Create a trademark application • Step 3: Trademark application submission • Step 4: Trademark registration • Step 5: Hearing before Registrar

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