Corporate Raasta Consulting the India’s leading provider of legal solutions. Register a company, file tax returns, get FSSAI and IEC licenses, Trademark Registration & draft legal documents etc

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Corporate Raasta Consultancy is a technology platform to simplify legal and business-related matters. We are committed to helping startups and small business owners in solving legal compliance related to starting and running their business. Our mission is to offer affordable, quick and automated professional services to clients. Through technology, we bring numerous government/ legal forms at one place and have simplified them to be fully understood by common man. We are a technology-driven platform trying to organize professional services industry in India! Our mission is to provide one-click access to individuals & businesses for all their legal & professional needs…!!!

Our main target is Rural and Semi Urban Entrepreneurs and Startups for helping them in their registration and consulting about the initiative of government for MSME and Startups. Our motto is to convert your idea into business.