If not, you are not the only one. The Risk Management team at Corporate Raasta Consulting can offer solutions to address the instability pandemics cause your business operations. Aspects to be considered in the face of COVID-19:

Coordinated Operations Vulnerabilities Immediate Disruption

Keys to confronting the interruption to your organization include coordination, communication and choices in developing a plan that helps your organization make decisions, respond quickly to what comes next and understand what questions you need to ask to protect your company’s greatest assets: People, Operations & Brand Reputation.


Designate a “Response Team” to coordinate and assess potential disruptions and lead response strategies as new information emerges.


Establish the team’s goal to develop both a Response Plan and a Business Continuity Plan to continue operations during the undetermined period of disruption due to staff quarantine or building/facility shut down.


Analyze the vulnerabilities within the organization to determine how COVID-19 impacts all aspects of the organization (operations, financial, culture, brand). This includes an escalating scale to reflect the growing impact of COVID-19.


The key to minimizing the impact of COVID-19 on the organization is to act immediately. Promptly develop and implement the Response Plan for classifying and responding to the disruption caused by COVID-19.


Mitigate business disruption with a multi level response scale based upon contact with the contagion. Lower level or Tier One response may be initiated by an employee having come into contact with someone diagnosed with the virus.

The highest level of response is implemented when full blown infection across multiple business units, departments or locations occurs resulting in hospitalization or quarantine of up to 1/3 or greater of the organizations workforce.